Add powerful web and Eclipse functionality to your mainframe development environment

As mainframe developers and support personnel head towards retirement it is vital to replace their specialist skills and expertise. Macro 4 can help you attract new talent and address mainframe skills shortages by providing intuitive Eclipse and web-enabled interfaces that make it easy for new recruits to become more productive more quickly.

Our web interfaces, together with the M4Workbench Eclipse framework, leverage new technology to deliver major productivity and efficiency gains throughout the application development lifecycle.

At the same time, you can use our web-enabled session manager, Tubes, to provide instant web and mobile access to any of your IBM 3270 or 5250 applications for all of your users, without the cost and expense of a web development project.

Key features include:
  •  Simple 'point and click' screen layouts that significantly increase ease of use and productivity
  •  Direct access to the mainframe, avoiding the need for 3270 based terminal sessions
  •  Faster problem analysis and resolution for your mainframe technicians through support for collaborative working and integration with email

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