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In any distributed printing environment it is easy for costs to get out of control, as the printer fleet ages and new devices are added over time to meet users' changing needs. Most organizations find that certain office printers are less reliable and more costly to run, but it can be hard to tell accurately which ones are causing the problem.

Macro 4's printer fleet management solution gives managed services providers and internal IT departments clear insight into exactly how their office printers are functioning, so that informed decisions can be taken about how to make cost savings and improve service to users.

Our solution also monitors the printer fleet in real time, alerting you to potential incidents and consumables shortages that can be acted upon proactively by your helpdesk to prevent serious business impact.

Key features of printer fleet management from Macro 4:
  •  Manufacturer-independent printer monitoring and reporting, providing centralized management of every device in your organization, across multiple sites
  •  Real-time status updates on printer availability, consumables usage, incidents and lifetime printing volumes by device, from a user-friendly graphical interface
  •  Generation of accurate error messages, for prompt and efficient incident resolution
  •  Automated alerts, with optional helpdesk integration, to ensure that no time is lost between incident identification and rectification
  •  A modular, distributed architecture to support global deployment
  •  Optional extension to provide monitoring and control of user printing, in addition to devices, as part of an Intelligent Office Printing (IOP) solution
The benefits to you:
  •  Significantly reduce your printing costs by disposing of printers that are underused, prone to faults or expensive to run
  •  Raise service levels and cut support costs by fixing printer issues before your users even notice a problem
  •  Aid producivity by aligning your printing infrastructure more closely to the needs of your business, using accurate device data

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