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Regulatory Compliance

Compliant management of your enterprise information

Regulatory change is a fact of life for your business. Macro 4 compliance solutions can help you mount an agile, effective response.

Our Columbus enterprise information management suite manages the information that underpins regulatory compliance, from auditing and reporting, through data protection and access, to preservation of evidence. Rules-based information lifecycle management and records management make it easy for you to create, classify, use, retain and dispose of information in line with regulatory requirements, and adapt quickly to meet new compliance challenges.

A trusted record of your business activities

Columbus maintains the chain of custody for digital evidence and can apply legal holds to preserve information in case of litigation or regulatory investigation. All information-related activities – such as access, processing and distribution – are recorded in a tamper-evident audit trail, with the option of blockchain integration to provide an additional trusted record.

Security and privacy: a foundation for compliance

Data security and privacy are an essential component of regulatory compliance. Columbus secures data and ensures privacy through advanced identity and access management (IAM), data segregation, secure, encrypted storage, data redaction and data disguising.

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A compliant alternative for your legacy repositories

Older content stores can lack the modern security and privacy features you need. Decommissioning offers a simple, compliant alternative.


Following the introduction of the GDPR, a leading distributor to the building trade had a requirement to move data out of an old document management system, including customer account applications, correspondence, and accounts payable invoices. It took just a matter of days to configure the new system within Columbus and then a couple of weeks to transfer over the millions of documents that had been stored in the old non-GDPR compliant system – which was then retired.

Columbus now also provides secure, easily accessible GDPR compliant storage for the company’s employee information from multiple locations around the business – everything from employment contracts, pension and benefits details to attendance records.

Business rules are used to control the retention periods for all data stored by Columbus to comply with the GDPR. Personal information that should no longer be retained under the rules – such as information about ex-employees or closed customer accounts – can be deleted automatically, or on request.

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Compliance solutions: how you can benefit

  • Strengthen compliance through granular control of enterprise information
  • Adapt more quickly to new compliance regimes
  • Preserve evidence to mitigate business risk
  • Reduce risk and costs by decommissioning non-compliant systems

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