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Attracting and retaining customers relies on your sales, marketing, finance and support teams providing consistent, responsive service.

That can be a challenge, as customer expectations are continuously increasing. Not only do your customers demand a fast turnaround of their requests; they also want to communicate with you through any channel they choose. Wherever and whenever they contact you, whether by telephone, mail, email, on your website or using a mobile application, customers expect you to keep track of all their interactions with your organization.

This can increase complexity and cost but with Macro 4 there is a simple solution.

A Macro 4 customer service solution works with your existing IT systems and business applications to give your employees a single point of access to all transactional documents, postal correspondence, emails and other electronic content exchanged with customers. This allows you to build a complete picture of individual customers and your relationship with them, so you can offer a more personal and effective service.

Customers can also be given self-service access to their documents and data through your website, or using mobile applications, with the option to search, query and analyze content, or view the current status of their requests to your organization.

Using our versatile Columbus software suite we support a wide range of customer-facing processes, including electronic billing; eInvoicing; online banking and statement presentment; complaint handling; customer relationship management and correspondence management.

Deliver improved customer service, at lower cost:
  •  Instant access to customer-related documents increases first call resolution and reduces unproductive and costly 'callbacks'
  •  Greater knowledge about individual customers supports targeted cross-selling and raises service levels
  •  Customer self-service reduces call volumes and increases customer satisfaction
  •  Easier, more cost-effective support for new service delivery channels enhances organizational agility and competitiveness

 We chose Macro 4 because their vision matched our own. Columbus not only met our initial expectations – it’s also been a key part of our solution for customer self service, which we were able to deliver quickly.

Brendan Stafford

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