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Delivering the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time is vital for the success of any enterprise. Managed document services from Macro 4 ensure fast, reliable delivery of printed business documents throughout your organization, while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Managed document services offer much more than just an outsourced printing service. As part of our solution we also analyze what you are printing, where and why, to help you identify ways of printing less, and more cost effectively - for example by diverting high volume office documents to production printers.

We start with three important steps to help you optimize your printing environment before moving to a managed service. This ensures that you start delivering significant process improvements and cost reductions from day one.

  1. Document workflow analysis - a full analysis of your document processes and how they interact, leading to recommendations on how your business can improve each of your document processes, from document composition to printing, archiving and electronic delivery
  2. Hardware optimization - based on the document lifecycle information gathered at step one we propose an updated hardware infrastructure to maximize operational efficiency and minimize costs
  3. Service proposal - the findings and recommendations from the previous consulting steps come together in a global service proposal (from 36 to 60 months) that is tailored to your organization's specific document delivery requirements
Macro 4's ongoing managed service typically includes:
  •  Hardware management - the provision and maintenance of printers and multi-function devices to deliver your printing service
  •  Device monitoring - proactive monitoring of all print devices, including proactive toner management based on alerts; automatic malfunction detection; incident management based on service level agreements and IT help desk integration
  •  Accounting and rationalization enables you to control your printing costs based on business rules; print securely at the user's chosen device following authentication by a range of security mechanisms; control printing volumes and the use of color; and manage print quotas
  •  Consulting services help you optimize device usage and document flow. We provide:
    •  Infrastructure reports
    •  Usage reports
    •  SLA reports
    •  Regular meetings to determine service improvements
The benefits of managed document services from Macro 4:
  •  Our experience in delivering high volume printing solutions to major global organizations ensures you benefit from unparalleled service quality and availability, underpinned by the world's leading print monitoring and management software
  • Your printing costs reduce significantly, thanks to ongoing rationalization of your delivery infrastructure, together with migration away from asset ownership to a 'pay per page' printing service, with competitive, device-independent charges
  •  We support your business growth by providing the flexibility to meet your evolving needs for printing and electronic delivery, quickly and cost effectively

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